Dental Implants

Dental Implants in Bronxville & Yonkers, NY

Missing teeth lead to several issues, including decreased bite function and an altered appearance. Dr. John Bobinski provides dental implants in Bronxville, NY as a comprehensive replacement for missing teeth.

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Confidently Replace Missing Teeth in Westchester County

As we age, missing teeth become a common occurrence. While traditional bridges and dentures work adequately to restore minor function to the smile, patients now experience issues related to these prosthetics as a result.

Dental implants stabilize restorations in place while addressing the issue at the source. Implant posts are placed directly into the jaw where they serve just as a natural tooth root.

  • Single-unit crowns replace a single missing tooth at any point in the smile. Eliminating the need for a traditional bridge, crowns supported by an implant post are far superior in their application, able to preserve existing dental structures and completely restore the tooth’s function.
  • Multi-unit bridges can address a short row of teeth using a prosthetic. This appliance is supported using anywhere from two to three dental implants placed in an optimal position for both support and strength.
  • Implant-supported dentures restore the smile by replacing an entire upper or lower arch. Dentures utilizing dental implants benefit from improved bite function and strength, as well as stability.

After a trusted surgeon has placed the implant posts and the gums have had time to heal, patients return to Dr. Bobinski’s office to receive their final restoration. Patients who choose dental implants benefit from an array of improvements, including complete restoration of their bite functions as well as structural support to existing dental structures and aesthetics.

Patients undergoing implant placement require good oral health and adequate space in the jaw bone to accommodate new implant posts.

Why Receive Dental Implants?

When teeth are missing, the jaw goes through a process of accelerated resorption, eventually shrinking in size and weakening in strength. Additionally, teeth tend to shift out of position when the support of surrounding teeth is lost.

To counteract this accelerated deterioration, an implant post is inserted in the space previously occupied by the root. Dental implant posts fuse with existing bone to generate a unified system of support. Not only does this strengthen surrounding dental structures, it also stabilizes prosthetics in place to completely restore both function and appeal of a full smile.

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