Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery

Oral Surgery in Bronxville & Yonkers

Oral surgery is used in combination with preventive, general treatments, and may be necessary to treat extensive dental issues and restore oral health. At our Bronxville practice, we provide a variety of specialized surgical procedures as part of your treatment plan. Call our experienced team today and find out how our treatments can improve your oral health!


Experience and Expertise

Portrait Of Multi Generation Family On Countryside Walk By LakeComplications or abnormalities with the jaw can cause issues with overall dental health, such as accelerated resorption or wear on teeth. Maintaining a healthy jaw bone encourages longer-lasting dental enhancements and improvements. If you are considering dental implants, need an extraction, or require advanced periodontal maintenance, oral surgery can provide solutions. Oral surgical options we provide include:

  • Bone Grafting may be necessary to preserve jaw health following an extraction or bolster the bone to prepare for an implant. Bone grafting allows patients who would otherwise fall short of bone density or volume to be eligible for implants.
  • Dental Implant Placement provides restorations with an anchoring device to secure prosthetics in place.
  • Extraction is necessary to remove an impacted tooth, prevent eruption, or teeth that have been severely damaged by decay. See below for more information on extractions.
  • Gingival Flap Surgery may be necessary to address advanced cases of periodontal disease. This procedure eliminates tartar buildup around tooth roots.
  • Debridement is more advanced than a cleaning but is a less-invasive measure of removing tartar buildup from teeth than gingival flap surgery. This treatment helps reduce gum disease and encourages new tissue growth.
  • Apicoectomy can remove inflamed soft tissue around the root of a tooth to preserve function and avoid extraction.
  • TMJ Disorders can impact on your oral health by damaging smooth and comfortable oral function. TMD symptoms include facial pain and recurring headaches.

The Problem with Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth usually develop during high school or college years. While they can erupt without consequence in some cases, most cause crowding and discomfort. The development of wisdom teeth can not only affect the jawbone, neighboring molars, and nerves, but impacted cases can leave gum tissue vulnerable to infection.

The eruption of wisdom teeth can compromise the uniformity and health of your smile. At John A. Bobinski, DDS, our trained staff works with you to prevent damage brought about by wisdom teeth by performing extractions ahead of time.

Partial or Full Bony Impaction of Wisdom Teeth – Impaction occurs when third molars are trapped either in the jaw bone or have only partially emerged through the gums and are lodged in the soft tissue. This poses problems as wisdom teeth can push against the roots and crowns of other teeth, causing discomfort and increased risk for crowding. Decay and gingivitis can increase as partially erupted teeth are difficult to clean. Removing impacted wisdom teeth requires surgical processes to access the tooth and extract it entirely before sealing the treatment site.

Simple Removal or Third Molars – While it is rare, some wisdom teeth do emerge completely through bone and gums, like any other permanent tooth. The problem, however, is that by the age wisdom teeth begin to show themselves, neighboring teeth are usually well aligned. Adding new molars to that alignment can create crowding and throw off an otherwise balanced bite. In these cases, it’s still best to remove wisdom teeth; simple extraction can be completed without making incisions into hard or soft tissue.

Treatments for partial or complete bony impaction are complemented by the use of dental sedation to create a comfortable experience. With this aid, you won’t remember much of your appointment and will feel completely at ease during the procedure.

Recovery Period

Beautiful young brunette woman smilingDr. Bobinski advises you about all the necessary precautions to take during the days following the procedure. During the first week after surgery, it is recommended that any vigorous activity, including sports, should be avoided to encourage proper healing. Each patient’s tolerance level towards food is different. You may feel well enough to enjoy a cheeseburger the next day, but in all cases, food should be served warm or cool to avoid irritation. After eating, be sure to rinse thoroughly with water to ensure that food particles are left in the socket.

Committed to Quality Patient Care

To maintain a long-lasting smile, both soft and hard tissues of the mouth must be in good health. This may involve surgical intervention to preserve and improve oral health. At John A. Bobinski, DDS, our surgical treatments provide affordable, reliable care. We collaborate with referring doctors to ensure an organized treatment plan and ensure all your concerns are met. If you or your child require wisdom teeth extraction, or other dental surgeries in Bronxville or the surrounding areas, call us to set up an appointment today!