Root Canal Therapy

Root Canal Therapy in Yonkers & Bronxville

Many individuals believe that root canal therapy causes discomfort, but in reality, it provides patients with relief. This treatment is used to eliminate tooth decay that has reached the inner structures of the tooth, decreasing the risk of further complications arising in regards to your oral health.

Dr. Bobinski believes in a gentle approach when it comes to root canal therapy. If tooth decay that has reached the inner tooth is causing you distress, contact the office of John Bobinski, DDS.


Providing Comfort

Beneath the enamel is the tooth’s nerves and connective tissue, also known as dental pulp. If decay manages to infiltrate the enamel and infect the pulp, this not only compromises the tooth but the surrounding hard and soft tissues as well. Bacteria may spread throughout the jaw bone and gums negatively impacting the health of your entire smile.

This is where root canal therapy is necessary to maintain the function of your dental anatomy. This treatment removes the infected pulp and sterilizes the inner tooth, eliminating bacteria.

Extraction is Dr. Bobinski’s last resort to protect your oral health. Dr. Bobinski does everything he can to ensure your smile remains as natural as possible.

Treatment with John Bobinski, DDS

Picture of a woman and her dentist going over an x-ray for root canal therapy in Yonkers and Bronxville

Once Dr. Bobinski has determined the pulp has become infected, he discusses root canal treatment with you and listens to any questions or concerns you may have. We believe being attentive to a patient’s needs and expectations is key to providing quality care. Root canal therapy is typically completed in two separate appointments, not including a follow-up visit.

Since temperature sensitivity is one of the main signs of pulp infection, we perform a hot and cold clinical test to begin the root canal process. Then he applies local anesthesia to the area, ensuring you have a comfortable experience during your procedure. Dr. Bobinski then cleanses the inner tooth of all bacteria.  The actual procedure of completing the root canal therapy is accomplished using state of the art rotary files to ensure that the final fill of the root canal material will be uninhibited.  Dr. Bobinski then uses three-dimensional gutta-percha to fill the cavity and protect the tooth from future infections.

After Dr. Bobinski has sealed the tooth, he then places a crown to give the patient optimal function and stability. Root canal therapy is performed to preserve natural teeth and restore your smile’s health and beauty.

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For more information on root canal therapy and the benefits it provides, contact the office of John Bobiniski, DDS. We value the oral health of our patients across Westchester County and wish to preserve their beautiful smiles.